Saturday, September 26, 2009

How I Became the Bomb: "We have wingspan"

How I Became the Bomb exploded onto the indie music scene awhile ago, earning accolades by various top-shelf reviewers and snapping up a major label, but I'm just catching up to their music. Their new full-length album, Deadly Art, is available at their web site, and while I've only heard a few tracks so far, they've become a new favorite of mine.

In an era where any garage band that can rhyme lyrics is hailed as brilliant, and singing about relationship troubles is sufficient to be called emotionally relevant, I think How I Became the Bomb is a breath of fresh air. Once you read their bio, with claims like "We have wingspan," you know you're dealing with something else.

From their take on the superhero's dilemma in "Secret Identity," to "Blood Will Tell," a genuinely chilling and riveting song, these guys have got sci-fi pop-rock down to, well, a science. They use both a synth and piano, which gives the songs a fuzzy, outer-space feel. And while the band usually dresses up like they're from Back to the Future 2, they drop in more subtle references ("Shoulda listened to Huxley" the singer croons in "Robo," a synth-laced tale of robot revenge), and have dreamed up a world all their own. It's like we're getting a transmission straight from another place--or taking off to explore a new one.

The above image is from their EP Through Adversity to the Stars, one of many EPs they released over the past year, but apparently they've been discontinued in favor of the album compilation. Some of the early songs are still on, and a few previously unreleased ones are also on the new album.

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