Friday, January 15, 2010

Indie Rewind: Alamo Race Track, "The Northern Territory"

I love minimalistic music videos, because sometimes people just want to see cool shots of the band playing, with sparkly backgrounds and random shots of a kitten. Oh, and great music helps.

VoilĂ , Alamo Race Track's "The Northern Territory." It was released way back in 2006 on the album Black Cat John Brown, after their Youtube vid for the title song went viral. Apparently they're also popular in Paris.

"The Northern Territory" has been firmly wedged in my "awesome" playlist for awhile now, but a recent revive brought it back to the spotlight on thesixtyone. Dutch indie rock? Yes, please:

They're still touring, but no new music as of yet. Come back to us, Alamo Race Track! We love you.

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