Friday, January 22, 2010

It was the best of times ... no, no, it WAS the worst of times

Seems the powers that be at, in their infinite might and wisdom, have disabled music embedding. I'll be editing the blog over the next few days (weeks?) to get rid of all the white spaces, and unless the old layout is restored, I'll no longer link to any pages there. If artists give me permission, I'll upload music straight to the blog (and I'm looking at sites now to let me do that).

So for the next few weeks, I'll focus directly on artist spotlights and interviews, as well as reviewing your other options for music listening on the web--including, Pandora, Lala, Stereofame, Bandcamp, Cherrypeel, and a few more sites I have tucked away in bookmarks somewhere.

Also, someone told me to start doing book reviews, since I'm a writer and I have a different novel or how-to book on my desk every day, so why not? I also might get into more science or health topics, since I'm in nursing school and all. Stay tuned. I may change the layout of the blog, but you won't ever see an image of your album cover blown up 4x4 all over the screen.

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