Friday, February 26, 2010

T61 Highway is Abandoned

So Rafael Brandão sent me this tip and some screenshots. Apparently many, many songs on aren't getting any hearts at all. And there's no way to direct message the artists to tell them someone will stumble upon their tracks ... eventually.

As to the artists and listeners who put time and money into building up the site? T61 admin James Miao is still standing by his statement, "Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything."

Three (of many) pages of unhearted songs (click for big):



  1. Bummer. With our tunes it seems the most popular songs have a steady trickle of hearts, but the least popular/newest don't get much of anything. I do like how the middle ground tunes are getting a few listens every now and then so it seems like there is generally speaking better coverage. As in a lot of decent songs would normally go by the way side after the first couple of weeks, but now seem to get a little bit of extra exposure. But new tracks... ouch.

  2. This shows very clearly how the "New T61" is a total waste of time for new bands trying to find an audience. gives them a much better shot.

  3. It's just too painful to go to T61 and watch beautiful songs don't eve get listened at all. And about the james comment, it's just what I've already expected of him. Pure arrogance.

    I strongly recommend to the new artists, and to everyone who likes new music without being forced to listen the same few stuff over and over again, to visit and watch their music community grow up. It's a new site but it has what it takes.

  4. I am still banned from T61. not that I care. because I don't. because THEY SUCK. and I always felt it was their website to do with as they would, but no need to act like total wankers while doing so.


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