Friday, May 28, 2010

Future Fires' "Levels" hits #1 on Uvumi

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Future Fires (previously known as Tomorrow Midnight) currently have the #1 song on Uvumi with "Levels." Congrats, guys! You can also listen to it and download it (along with their song "Distant Skies") on their page at Bandcamp.

<a href="">Levels by Future Fires</a> Levels

<a href="">Distant Skies by Future Fires</a> Distant Skies

If you like what you hear, go be a fan on their Facebook page to keep up with them.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"I salute at the threshold of the north sea of my mind": Frightened Rabbit, Northampton MA

I finally caught a live show in Northampton, MA on May 1, featuring the very awesome Frightened Rabbit. They played for a packed crowd, and from the first song brought a massive amount of energy and talent to the show.

"Swim Until You Can't See Land" is a favorite of mine, and their delivery here was absolutely beautiful, just like the album recording. "My Backwards Walk" was a rocked-up version of the original, which I really liked.

The singer took the stage near the end with a heartfelt acoustic song, and talked with the crowd throughout the show, including joking about the merch table. Finally, the band put every last bit of energy into "Keep Yourself Warm."

Other than that, the only exciting development in my life is that I'm finishing up my next-to-last year of nursing school this month, so I have to stay glued to my books to study for finals. I should be returning to my regular posting schedule by the end of the month.