Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Circlebirds: Like birds, but with circles [free MP3]

Time for some new music. Circlebirds are a bit like Fleet Foxes, with an acoustic kick and lush vocals; they're indie pop, but have a folk influence. Here's a track off their second album, Complexities:

"New Miracles"     

I love all the little bleeps and bloops (the video game-esque music at the beginning is a great touch) and the starts and stops. It's just a fascinating song, instrumentally. Starting at 2:47 and until the end, it's got brilliant acoustic guitar and then a smooth outro: the vocals and instrumentation blend together before there's a soft ring and the song ends. It's like fireworks: a buildup, flash of sound, and then beauty. 

Circlebirds on Myspace music

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