Friday, July 30, 2010

Names video - "Data Romance"

Here's a beautiful song and video collaboration from the band Names and videographer Marco Aslan. I love songs like these, with lots of instrumentation and lovely lyrics at the end, and the gorgeous visuals suit it perfectly. Thanks to Sally for the heads-up:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Updates for Paisley

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Le VICE (interview, free MP3s)

Le VICE are a four-piece group from San Francisco, led by frontwoman Alex Lee. They play a variety of sounds, including hip-hop and funky indie rock. Their songs have the spirited delivery of live shows, but with a studio polish.

They'll be releasing their self-titled debut on August 17th, but Alex Lee has already recorded two solo songs that were featured on "America's Next Top Model." And Le VICE just shot a video for "Hard to Be Ill," which should be out soon, and are playing two CA shows in August.

"Shy Guy" is a great song with plenty of beats, rhythm guitar and catchy vocals. "Hard to Be Ill" is more hip-hop, with some funky synth added to the mix. Take a listen:

"Shy Guy"

"Hard to Be Ill"

I also got a chance to ask Alex Lee a few questions:

Le VICE started out as a live project. What's a typical show like?

LV: It carries a lot of energy that you would expect from an indie or a punk band. So it's fun to dance to and sing to. But underneath it has really good music and great players. The fun of indie music with the bourgeois swag of hip-hop and rnb. Think hipsters on a yacht riding fixie bikes and drinking Cristal. That's from someone who watches. None of those words are mine.

On top of that I would say that you're watching friends play together. You can tell we're friends when you watch us play.

You blend a lot of styles in your music. What's your process for writing and recording?

LV: Depends on the day. Sometimes it comes organically. Just playing things and putting it together. Coming to the studio and playing on the synths and with all the gear. And voila, a song.

On other days, we'll listen to a song and say let's make a song like that. But when it's done it sounds nothing like what we were going after.

Generally, I'll write a hook on the spot to get everyone hyped up. Then I'll take it and finish it up verse by verse on my own when I have a little free time in my mornings.

What are some of your influences?

LV: Musically ... everything. When you take the music that the four of us like, it's all there. Hip hop, indie rock, classic rock, jazz, neo soul, rnb, house, and all the rest. We take from everything. No type of music really goes overlooked.

Le VICE (official site)

- Laura Bradford

Saturday, July 24, 2010

La Roux

I finally heard La Roux on the radio yesterday, and "Bulletproof" sounded amazing. The London duo is Eleanor "Elly" Jackson and Ben Langmaid, and their self-titled debut album came out in September of 2009. They play electro-pop reminiscent of the '80s style, and Elly has garnered some attention for her androgynous, glam-rock look.

They're also releasing a compilation album, Sidetracked; it will come out July 26th, but seems to only be available in the UK. It features several artists and includes Elly's cover of the Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb."

The American tour has been canceled because Elly contracted pharyngitis, but they should be continuing their tour in the UK in a few weeks.

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New York Summer

I'm keeping an eye on New York Summer, not just because they're actually from Oklahoma, but because of their charming alternative rock. They have a catchy mainstream sound (think Lifehouse or Augustana), but are a legit indie band.

People have been telling me about them for some time, but I only recently got a chance to listen to some of their stuff, and it's quite good. Their EP, Wait, is available now from their Myspace, for a free download or a donation. They've recently announced a new album, Ticking Clocks and Masquerades, which will be out August 24th.

In the meantime, you can hear four of their songs from a tab on ReverbNation or on their Facebook page. Take a listen:

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