Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Color Theory, "The Sound"

Color Theory is Brian Hazard, who crafts electronic music and piano pop. I introduced you to his newest album last week, so here's a longer review.

The Sound opens with the clever "Song Named After a Girl," which takes the idea of a song about heartbreak and turns it on its head, and leads into the danceable "Extroverts at Play," which reminds me a little of Muse (but that's a good thing). "Too Close" is a bit softer and more tender, and we get into chiptune territory with the catchy "It Must Be Halloween."

"A Safe Distance" is a romantic, piano-driven tune; "Living a Boy's Adventure Tale," a fun A-ha cover. The next two songs are a little slower, but "Game Over" is quite endearing (especially with the quick, fluid piano solo), and "Two" is a track that shines, with stellar and haunting lyrics.

This is a good album to put on and just sit back and relax. Some of the songs could be tightened a bit, but overall, The Sound is an enjoyable album for electro music fans.

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  1. "Extroverts at Play" is my "Swell Tune" today:
    It sounds like a 1980's robot has travelled through time--to TEACH YOU TO DANCE.


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