Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hipster on the prowl: Chikita Violenta and Ra Ra Riot, 9/27/10

I have been busy the last few weeks, but I did manage to catch Ra Ra Riot and Chikita Violenta play in Northampton, MA two weeks ago. We Barbarians played first, but I missed their set and came in just as the second band was setting up. I had never heard of Chikita Violenta before, but they're from Mexico City and played a tight, impressive set for about an hour. They had an incredible stage presence, and were joking around with the crowd between songs. I'd definitely recommend checking out their music.

Then Ra Ra Riot burst onto the stage, jumping into their first song (I believe it was "Each Year"). I've read that they play energetic shows, but they were so dynamic I could barely frame any shots for pictures (that's the singer up there). They played several songs from their new album, The Orchard, as well as some classics from their first, such as "Can You Tell." I had to leave at 11 because I had school the next day (I know, I know, I'm a total square, but it was a Monday night), so I didn't get to see if they played "Dying is Fine." But let's watch it together, shall we?

They're still on tour across the U.S. for the next few months. 

Chikita Violenta - official site
Ra Ra Riot - official site

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