Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book news!

Those of you who either know me or have been following my Twitter for awhile probably know that I'm a writer. And, short of a six-figure publishing deal falling into my inbox, I'm going release my first book myself next year. It'll be available as an e-book, and also in print form.

Here are some questions I have been getting from people:

What is your novel about?
Set in the year 2507, the book follows journalist Thomas Huxley as he tries to clear the name of an accused murderer, while being stalked by a girl who claims to be a time traveler. This leads, of course, to time travel adventures, starship battles, and epic fights to the death. It's book one of a series.

So I heard there's a rock band involved?
There is a fictional rock band, yes.

Are you going to keep up with Paisley?
Yes. Paisley Sound isn't going anywhere. I will be neglecting it at the same rate I've always been.  

Questions? E-mail me, or hit that comment button.


  1. I'm most tremendously excited. What an astounding accomplishment. You've done what many only dream of doing and you did it while being extraordinarily busy. Congratulations and a huge w00t! With much anticipation, I look forward to reading your book, then reading it again!

    Many *hugz*


  2. Oops! I forgot to ask if it's available for presale purchase. Yes?

  3. wow =D interesting! let us know when its available ASAP =D

  4. Thanks guys! I don't know when exactly it will be ready (there's still final copyediting/formatting/setting up a web site and such), but I will definitely keep everyone posted through the blog, plurk, and twitter as things progress. :)

    As for presale purchase--not available yet, but check out my comment on plurk.


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