Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Courrier - "A Violent Flame"

I sampled a few songs from Austin band Courrier's upcoming Feb 1 debut, A Violent Flame (and you can too, by going to Noisetrade). The band has an incredibly polished sound; a bit like The Fray if they had a more alternative rock edge.

"For Your Sake" is an excellent track, deep and emotional, with poetic lyrics and a glorious breakdown. "Paper Ghost" starts out soft and subdued, with a piano melody that is at times an undercurrent, other times playful, before rising to a rumbling, melodiously jubilant climax (with handclaps!) and then a satisfying outro. "Right as Rain" starts with rhythmic percussion and a rumbling bassline, before the guitars kick in fully to introduce a full, roaring song.

This is be a band to keep an eye on. You can also stream or buy the entire album from their web site. And did I mention they're touring with Quiet Company?

Courrier - Official Site
Courrier - Facebook page

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Le Vice - "Find You" video

Here's a brand new video from Le Vice, with the band performing live in studio. They layer clever lyrics with great hooks and melodies in "Find You," below.

Le Vice on Facebook

Sunday, January 16, 2011

MP3 roundup: Twins of a Gazelle - "Constellations"

Twins of a Gazelle is an "indie pop orchestra" consisting of dozens of musicians led by Dave Mann and based in Washington, D.C.

"Constellations," from an upcoming album, was written by Mann, with vocals provided by guest singer Emily Chimiak. It's a delicate and yet powerful song, with a lot of little sounds that make it audibly sparkle. Chimiak has a lovely voice, and blends the notes together to make the song go by smoothly; the outro is also particularly well-crafted. Take a listen:

Twins of a Gazelle - "Constellations"

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on myspace

Saturday, January 15, 2011

MP3 roundup - Standing Shadows, "One Way Ride"

Standing Shadows is an LA-based indie alt/electro band. They've played at SXSW, and their One Way Ride remix EP is coming out this Tuesday, January 18th. They also claim to be influenced by Muse, but I will forgive them for that because they sound really good.

Standing Shadows - One Way Ride

"One Way Ride" is the best kind of remix: dark, danceable, and fun. Remix compilations are everywhere these days, but if this song is any indication of the album's quality, this will certainly be one worth checking out.