Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Courrier - "A Violent Flame"

I sampled a few songs from Austin band Courrier's upcoming Feb 1 debut, A Violent Flame (and you can too, by going to Noisetrade). The band has an incredibly polished sound; a bit like The Fray if they had a more alternative rock edge.

"For Your Sake" is an excellent track, deep and emotional, with poetic lyrics and a glorious breakdown. "Paper Ghost" starts out soft and subdued, with a piano melody that is at times an undercurrent, other times playful, before rising to a rumbling, melodiously jubilant climax (with handclaps!) and then a satisfying outro. "Right as Rain" starts with rhythmic percussion and a rumbling bassline, before the guitars kick in fully to introduce a full, roaring song.

This is be a band to keep an eye on. You can also stream or buy the entire album from their web site. And did I mention they're touring with Quiet Company?

Courrier - Official Site
Courrier - Facebook page

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  1. Simply awesome music, lyrics, rhythm.


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