Sunday, March 13, 2011

Robot Science - "Good Luck"

Robot Science is an electronic chillwave music project run by Charlie Yin out of San Jose, CA. His newest album, Good Luck (January 2011), is available for free download or for a donation. It's also incredible. Have a listen:

If you're a fan of bands like M83, check this album out. But even if you're not interested in electronic music, you should hear this album. Each song is unique and nicely arranged, with a lot of energy.

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  1. Ok, seriously - every track I'm listening to on your blog has been freaking awesome. Laura, you're a genius. Congrats on being a nurse, but someday please start a label.

    Also, this track is exceptionally phenomenal.

  2. Thanks. :) The musicians have the real talent though, I just look for it.


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