Thursday, June 16, 2011

My First Earthquake - Friction [free MP3s]

My First Earthquake's new album Friction dropped on June 7, and I don't need to tell you they're awesome, because you already know that. They're based in San Francisco, and play fun, frenetic music with jangling guitars, kickin' rhythms, and a heavy splashing of synth. And in a music scene where many indie bands sound frighteningly alike, Rebecca Bortman's vocals stand out from the crowd.

The new tracks are lush and intricately layered and they have a cataclysmic amount of energy, but you already knew that. They're My First Earthquake's.

Just listen to these tracks:

My First Earthquake - "Clone Me"
My First Earthquake - "Nice to See You"

This is their second full album, after Downstairs (2009), and they've also released two 2 EPs, Tremors (2008) and Crush (2010), so these guys are in it for the long haul. Contrary to the lyrics on "Clone Me," this is one band with a dynamic that can't be replaced. Official site.

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