Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MP3 Roundup: Kites With Lights - "Cosmonauts"

Kites with Lights (and I love that name) is an indie electro / synth pop project run by Jonah Cordy. His newest album, Cosmonauts, was released in August, and the eponymous song is a free download on Bandcamp. It's really something special. Take a listen:

The album is also very good, with cool backing vocals, synthesizer beeps and bloops in all the right places, and great use of sound clips. It has an incredible atmospheric feel, and the last three songs--"The Lonely Night," "Next Time" are "Balanced on Air"--are especially good, and left me wanting more. "Cosmonauts" is probably the most fun song, but there's no shortage of quality on the rest of the album.

Cosmonauts is available from Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon.

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