Sunday, November 10, 2013

Concert Review: Dresses, Mona, and The Limousines, 10/31/13

Guest post by Eileen Young

We had no idea what we were getting in for. We found The Limousines from a single song on an MTV show, got the album, and enthused about the band with an artist from Korea and other people on tumblr. So when I saw concert dates for Milwaukee, I had no idea what kind of scale it'd be on or how many people would be there. But going in blind's no reason not to go, so that's how my roommate and I ended up seeing Dresses, Mona, and The Limousines in Shank Hall on Halloween.

We got there early by several hours, because the last couple events we'd been to were a P!nk concert in a Chicago stadium and a Neil Gaiman event in Vancouver that had a line around the block. Shank Hall, it turns out, is a pretty small venue, with the light table taking up nearly as much space as the bar.

Dresses opened, with everyone in different costumes, and I think we were only partway into the second song before I leaned over to my roommate and said, "I think we're going to have to get all their music." It's mellow and friendly.

Mona was a big change in mood - they're high-energy and very much rock and roll.

One of the cool things about the show was that you could see the bands hanging around to listen to each other: they'd been touring for a while, with ages left to go (they're out on the East Coast now, and going to swing through Texas and Arizona before heading back to California), and were still really into each other's music.

The Limousines closed, and their setup was different: no drumset, just laptops and drum pads and lights and auxiliary instruments and a smoke machine. They were playing from their Hush album, which I can neither confirm nor deny that my roommate and I listened to for nearly a week straight. Despite the Eric Victorino, the vocalist, feeling under the weather, the performance was fantastic.

One of the best parts of the size of the venue, though, was that after the show we got to meet members of the bands, and Victorino invited everyone to move to another bar to keep drinking and socializing.

We couldn't go, because we still had to drive back to Madison, but I wish we could have. As it was, it was an intensely cool show, and I'm glad I got to go.

Eileen Young is a writer and freelance editor. Her blog is Authors Refuge.

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  1. Saw them in Albany, NY on 11/8/13, the limo's played about 8 songs and acted like they didn't care when people in the crowd complained that they didn't play for longer. Lost some fans on this night.


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